Current Non-Ferrous Prices

Denton Scrap Prices – Non-Ferrous:

At Denton Scrap Metal we frequently update our price lists to ensure that you stay current on our latest prices.

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Special Announcement:


All UBC (used beverage can) purchasing has been suspended until further notice. 

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Non-Ferrous Code Price
Bare Bright Wire CUBB $3.20
Copper #1 CU1 $3.10
Copper #2 CU2 $2.90
Yellow Brass -Clean BRY $1.75
Brass Shells SHEL $2.00
Clean A/C Coils ALCU $1.40
Dirty A/C Coils ALCUI $1.20
Clean Brass Rads RADC $1.75
Dirty Brass Rads RADI $1.15
Clean Aluminum Rads ALISE $0.35
Dirty Aluminum Rads ALRADI $0.15
Lead Acid Batteries-LB BATE $0.20
Industrial Batteries BATI $0.18
Soft Lead LEAD $0.40
Electronic Motors ELMO $0.15
Sealed Units SEAL $0.15
Aluminum Wheels ALWH $0.60
#1 Insulated Wire CUI#1 $2.10
#2 Insulated Wire CUI#2 $1.10
#3 Insulated Wire CUI#3 $0.50
Aluminum Insulated Wire ALINS $0.25
Clean Aluminum Sheet ALSH $0.35
Dirty Aluminum Sheet ALIS $0.15
Clean Aluminum Cast ALCA $0.30
Painted Aluminum Siding ALPAS $0.40
Clean Aluminum Extrusion ALEX $0.45
Clean Stainless Steel SS $0.40
Dirty Stainless Steel SSI $0.15
Computers COMP $0.10
Laptops LPTP $0.40
Aluminum Cans UBC  N/A

*Prices subject to change.

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